God bless Tianjin, Tanggu safe! ! !

2018/09/28 14:21
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Late last night, an explosion occurred in Tianjin Binhai New Area. So far, many people have been killed and hundreds of people have been injured. This has affected the hearts of countless Chinese people and made us heartbreak and sorrow. No matter where you are, everyone's heart is tied together. Although you can't contribute to Tianjin compatriots, please don't add to Tianjin. Here, Qijian Bio warmly reminds everyone that in the face of such sudden accidents, don't be confused and deceived by false news and even rumors in the miscellaneous information flow. Also don't be a communicator of these unrealistic rumors. We should take the initiative to crack down on online uploading behaviors, such as actively forwarding official authoritative information, and letting people who care about Tianjin know the most important and valuable information.
Please join hands with Qijian Bio, let us in the distance, spread positive energy to Tianjin through the network, let us pray for Tianjin together, God bless Tianjin, Tanggu safe!
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