Ma Yun wants to jointly develop “Dabai” with Zhongruiqi and Jinwei Health, and Aliyun will equip everyone with a private doctor.

2018/09/28 14:34
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On September 17, Alibaba Cloud and Zhongruiqi and Jinwei Health announced that the three parties will cooperate to form a "cloud peace of mind" alliance. Through the joint community hospitals, tertiary general hospitals, medical hardware manufacturers, medical health APPs, health checkup centers, and medical health analysis model providers, the health care data scattered throughout the area will be aggregated and informed by the patient's informed and authorized data. Precision medicine.
Taking heart disease treatment as an example, users can view their own ECG data by connecting the “good friend” of the ECG equipment in the “Cloud on the Heart” alliance to the human body and connecting the “Good Friends ECG” APP. At the same time, the data is synchronized with the hospital. If an abnormality occurs, the doctor or emergency center can intervene in advance. Wang Ruisi, founder of Zhongruiqi, said, “The product is developed directly for individual users and provides professional medical services. That is, each user is equivalent to having a private doctor.
It is reported that all the data of the eco-participants of the “Cloud Security” alliance will be stored on Alibaba Cloud, and Alibaba Cloud's powerful computing power and open ECG algorithm will enable parallel processing of hundreds of millions of data. Such as the recording process of the electrocardiogram, the filtering of the ECG noise, the eigenvalue capture (such as p wave, r wave, st segment). Through Alibaba Cloud Data Processing Platform ODPS and Analytical Database ADS, offline data and real-time data processing can be performed to quickly access more standard applications and third-party medical data.
Aiyun senior product expert Wu Kai said that the alliance will focus on the ECG data, and open up the hospital biochemical indicators, diagnostic data and hospital external ECG, blood glucose data, and other physical and sports data, to achieve accurate medical purposes. .
At present, ECG data collection is similar to sound data collection. The frequency of sensor data collection is high, and the amount of ECG data is very large. A person's 24-hour ECG data is about 150M, and a person's heart beats 25-300 million times. , will produce per capita data of 4394G ECG data. In the current medical engineering world, whether it is static ECG data in the hospital or dynamic ECG data, after the disease is detected, it will be idle or cleared due to the huge amount of data.
Wu Kai said, “The challenge is that massive ECG data not only requires unlimited storage space, but also powerful data processing and analysis capabilities, both of which are advantages of Alibaba Cloud.”
It is reported that the ECG database has become a common medical indicator in the United States and Europe, but in China, there is currently no complete ECG database. And the ECG algorithm processing mode is only the classification of ECG signals based on small sample feature recognition. "I hope to establish a statistical analysis of ECG signals based on big data capabilities in the future, as well as large data samples in the medical industry, and gradually realize human data." Wu Kai said.
It is not difficult to see that in addition to Alibaba Cloud data in the mobile medical field data, Ali has been online and offline layout, including Ali Health Client, Aliyun Hospital, Tmall Medicine. (Qijian Bio,