CPhI South East Asia 2019
Qijian Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd will be attending CPhI South East Asia 2019 in Bangkok Thailand from Mar. 12th to 14th, weclcome to visit our booth HA34.

Changing the world's three biotechnology trends
Although the development of biotechnology is inseparable from the scientific integrity and highly complex knowledge, it is undoubtedly the "best era of biotechnology". We are living in a world……
If the slaughter does not win the Nobel Prize, will the state support Chinese medicine like this?
Li Keqiang, Premier of the State Council, presided over the State Council executive meeting on the 14th of this month. The meeting decided to further promote the development of Chinese medicine ……
CFDA reclaims the right to operate Ali's health drug electronic regulatory code, open bidding for non-medical IT companies
According to the latest news from, a person from the State Food and Drug Administration confirmed to Caixin reporter that the State Food and Drug Administration will start a third……
According to the latest news from, a person from the State Food and Drug Administration confirmed to Caixin reporter
Despite the peak of the Ebola epidemic, there are no specific drugs that have been clinically validated. A project announced by the University of Leeds on the 11th will use the software running……
Five papers and five institutions announced in the popular medical field of "Cell" in 2015
Following the successful publication of the special issue of "2014 Chinese Scientists and Cell Press" last year, this year, the Chinese Journal of Science and Technology and the American Cell……
Ali Health acquires Tmall online pharmaceutical business transaction delay completion date
On January 4, Ali Health announced that the date of acquisition of Tmall's online pharmaceutical business will be postponed to March 31, 2016.

The Alibaba Health Announcement, the company……
The top ten most advanced medical science and technology in the future
Although human civilization has prospered to this day, although there have been unprecedented breakthroughs in medical technology, there are still many intractable medical experts who are……
Tu Yu went to Sweden to lead the Nobel Prize this afternoon.
The reporter learned from the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine that at 13:50 today, the Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences Lifelong Researcher and Nobel Prize-winner……
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