Mobile Medical Forum: Ali's health, peace, and a doctor's battle in the sky

2018/09/28 15:49
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We are offline companies. At the beginning, they were the ones who landed (Ali Health, Peace...) and asked if they wanted to land. Because they were born in the sky, they landed. When we were born, we thought about how to fly. It’s not a concern for small companies. If BAT succeeds once again, is there a world in this world?
The entry point we made is this. We also realize that this is indeed a very important user demand. After we have come over, we are delighted to find that this market is really there. It took about less than a year, and the total number of doctors has exceeded 10. 10,000, and most of them are doctors recommending doctors, but I don't want to emphasize the numbers. Besides, I also think that there is no need to spell numbers in the development stage of mobile medical. How about 20 million users with 20 million users?
We are really solving the problem. There is now a revelation that a large number of follow-up patients, including local and foreign patients, we found that there are some intractable diseases or heavier patients, need to communicate with higher-level experts, medically called secondary treatment, Now we are in the direction of secondary treatment. We have already made some preparations online. Now we have basically selected some health doctors who are high-ranking leaders in more than 100,000 doctors, and even write well-known specialists and well-known hospitals. Senior experts are invited to the offline, through on-site appointments and experts have one-on-one consultation, we do not open the clinic, we believe that the actual needs of many patients is that I really need experts to read me before I can rest assured, experts told me Nothing is fine, or someone who has someone is going to see an expert. This is a very normal psychology. When you see an expert, you will be practical. In fact, there is a scene in the past where the experts blocked the red envelopes in the hospital. People said nothing. Baby, go back, we will go back. The second diagnosis is now opened at a very low price and in a very convenient way. In fact, our landing is Internet-style landing. We don't want to be very heavy. We are also a loophole. We have a natural demand in the front-end follow-up users, so we will have more marketing costs. low.
In addition, medical care must return to market-oriented positions. Whoever provides high-quality and low-cost services will have money to make. The logic of public hospitals is very strange. Only private hospitals are the best way to save this market. How can mobile medical companies not open hospitals? We compare them to those in Fujian. They are a group of small business hawkers who have no culture. They are definitely not open to the hospital. Now it is not necessary to entangle the problem. It is OK to return to normal. Is there any future for mobile medicine? Of course, there is a future, and hospitals that do not engage in the Internet have disappeared. This is an inevitable trend. As this era, since opportunities have been given to us, people of all colors can try and meet the needs of users. It is the most sincere.
Mobile Medical Forum: Ali's health, peace, and a doctor's battle in the sky
Vice President of Ali Health Ni Jianwen
In order to be more complete, e-commerce should go to the supermarket to open the line?
The real mobile medical start-up started last year. In less than a year now, even from the perspective of BAT, I don’t think that BAT has really landed in mobile medical care. Everyone is exploring it.
Regarding the opening of the clinic, in fact, I am not very optimistic, why? In fact, I think it is your first question. If online medical care is going to go online to complete the so-called business model, it will explain The online medical treatment did not find the true landing mode, which is the first.
Second, such a cross-border is very huge, not a logical cross-border, because the operation of public hospitals is a study, the deans of public hospitals are all in the MBA program, all in management, private hospitals from birth to Now they are struggling, and some even need to use improper means to deceive consumers, so I don’t think that a simple Internet company can smoothly cross the offline medical institutions or even some specialist clinics. Operation, this is not so easy to answer.
Therefore, I am not very optimistic about such cross-border. Of course, we do not rule out the future or a combination of light and heavy in the model like Chun Yu and the offline clinic. Light companies should do light things, and heavy companies will take care of them. Heavy assets. Just in order to complete the e-commerce, Mr. Chen went to the offline to go to the supermarket.
Mobile Medical Forum: Ali's health, peace, and a doctor's battle in the sky
Ping An Good Doctor Chief Product Officer Wu Zongxun
Where does our confidence come from?
From the beginning of last year to now almost two years, I think the whole mobile medical care is in the initial stage of industrial development from an industry. Compared with this industry, we have a little confidence, from where?
I think it comes from two aspects.
First, from the first, it may be because of relying on the Ping An Group, we will especially value whether my service is really recognized by the users. I think this is the foundation. You just talked about hospitals and doctors. And patients, our goal is very clear, today all hospitals and doctors are serving patients. Just now Director Wang Wei said a question saying that you did not increase the doctor. Now the service we provide is that it can give him a better service before he enters the hospital to save the cost of his medical treatment.
Secondly, I feel that the current service can use Ping An Group's brand and customer resources to provide better charging services for insurance customers. This has laid a foundation for a better profit and better income in the first year of our launch this year.
Regarding the issue of landing, my own understanding of the judgment of this industry is that the market pattern has gradually formed a pattern from the initial stage to the final stage. My judgment on this time.
It should be the time of the next year. Also, this industry is more rigorous than other O2O industries today, and is more affected by national policies. This area is more like a marathon. I hope that every colleague and practitioner today can uphold its own Resilience persists longer.
Mobile Medical Forum: Ali's health, peace, and a doctor's battle in the sky
Chen Weiguang Lanchi Venture Partners
Mobile medical water is very deep, breaking the hypothesis to find the vent
Internet medical people feel very important, but honestly they are all groping, including investors are also exploring, a certain startup company has integrated tens of millions of dollars, we should congratulate them, because they are always in front of the groping A group of very courageous entrepreneurs.
However, I think that everyone is still looking for a profit model in this process. Although there is income, this income is not very solid and there is still a test of time. The medical system is not as simple as e-commerce. The medical chain is relatively long and complicated, so many times it is a process of exploration for a startup team.
In the past few years, we have observed that their funds are still invested in doctors' acquisition and basic investment. However, they have not solved the two core problems of medical treatment. One is the supply of doctors, especially the problem of good doctor supply. The other is medical treatment. The fee is still rising year by year. Is there still a startup company to solve this problem? This is an opportunity and a test.
If we want to invest in the medical Internet or Internet medical care, we need to make a profit. We also find that if people who come out of the medical system alone look at this opportunity and problem, they are usually more and more afraid, because it sees risks.
Therefore, I think this opportunity must be viewed from different perspectives and needs to break the assumptions. For example, if we voted for Dr. Chun Yu four years ago, many friends, including many people in the medical system, said that it is too unreasonable to do consultations online. You have to see a doctor face to face when you see a doctor. What problems can I solve?
However, in the process of groping, we found that some patients do not need to come out of the unit, such as the mother and baby problems, if the mother has some minor illnesses, the mother actually needs a person to give him faster feedback and definition, no You need to wait until tomorrow to register at the hospital. You can get photos from your mobile phone and get feedback from your doctor very quickly.
It’s not because I’m throwing spring rain, because everyone used to make judgments when they saw this thing four years ago. Looking forward, I think the opportunity of mobile internet must be based on my own assumptions. You always see it before. Risks and opportunities, or you always solve problems in the way you did before, so I think it is necessary to break the assumptions to create value and find the outlet. The apricot forests that we invest in are still slowly developing. Many people have questioned when they voted that doctors need tools. Do doctors need medical records? But there are certain needs, and he does not necessarily meet each of them in the first place. The doctor's needs, but there must be some doctors who need it.
Mobile Medical Forum: Ali's health, peace, and a doctor's battle in the sky
Director of Beijing Tiantan Hospital Information Center Wang Wei Wang Wei
Mobile healthcare, we care most about how to do it longer
Recently, I have been looking for a lot of people. There are investment companies and new APP vendors. Many of them are rushing to tell the hospital not to make money for free. He doesn’t want money. He must have found an investment. He can’t personally save money. Give it to us. I feel a little uncomfortable in the hospital, but I still welcome this matter anyway, at least someone has invested in us. But I am also thinking, how can I do this for a longer time?
Because many people now include telemedicine to find us, I don't say which company, we will do it for you free of charge, we will ask the experts for the money, do not ask the patient to pay, ask the experts for the money, please ask the experts 800 to 1000 dollars, we are free, I am thinking about how you insist on it?
I think so. First, from the perspective of information, we can help the hospital to find the pain points of the hospital's existing medical service model system, and make this thing better. It can provide patients with continuity through the cloud platform. There is another way to open a hospital is not a bad thing, but these hospitals are under the existing medical service model, maybe you open a hospital, your model is different, you put a model upside down The hospitals that forced the government to go there have gone there, because all aspects of the service are better than you. I definitely feel from the government hospital that I have gone from here. In fact, from the comparison of e-commerce and Zhongguancun Street, Zhongguancun Street How hot is it, why should it be closed? Because Jingdong and Taobao are better than it, people will not go.
But the problem now is that by now I have not seen a family who really wants to understand this matter. Therefore, from this point of view, I feel that there is still a little bit far. It may be estimated that at least one or two years, two or three years, I have not seen a new and good format. This is what I know about the medical industry. Every year, as far as I know, every year. The money spent is at least 10 trillion yuan. In a few years, this money may have passed. (