Baidu Medical + Internet Ecology Alliance embraces the new future of mobile healthcare

2018/09/28 15:50
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Zhang Yaqin, president of Baidu, announced the call for the establishment of the Medical + Internet Ecology Alliance at the 2015 Baidu World Congress Medical Sub-Forum. Appeal to relevant enterprises inside and outside the medical industry to join the alliance to jointly build a benign and fast-developing Internet medical ecosystem.
Medical + Internet Ecology Alliance elites gathered
Baidu Medical's medical Internet ecological alliance will include appointment registration, financial insurance, pharmaceutical manufacturing, wearable health equipment, health services, hospital systems, hardware services, operators and other links, and open these links and connect them closely An important part of getting up is the Internet. Baidu relies on its own advantages in the Internet, and can provide online alliance members with online traffic distribution and acceptance, Internet tools and technical support, big data accumulation, analysis and sharing.
At present, representatives of many industries such as Philips, Ping An, Health Road, Leyo Technology, and Peking University Medical Letter have joined the alliance. Representatives of various companies have expressed their hopes for the development prospects of the alliance.
Baidu treats partners with "three nos"
Baidu's new strategy is "connecting people and services" and "connecting 3,600 lines." This kind of "connection" is friendly, cooperative, and win-win with partners. Baidu founder and CEO Li Yanhong once put forward the "three noes" principle at the 10th Baidu Union Summit in May this year: that is, not seeking control, paying more attention to investment ecology; not dividing the camp, with an open mind and all partners Cooperation; when connecting people and services, don't be afraid to be washed. "Baidu connection 3600 lines" and "three no principles" highly fit.
These franchisees have a high reputation and strong influence in the industry, and work together to create a medical Internet ecosystem will bring a great boost to China's medical industry chain.
Baidu goes deep into the medical vertical field
Medical treatment is one of the most important vertical areas in Baidu's “Connected 3600 Lines” strategy. At the beginning of this year, Baidu launched the doctor-patient dual-selection platform Baidu doctor, using Baidu's positioning technology, search technology and machine learning to accurately match the technology, so that each Individuals can find the doctor that is best for them. At present, Baidu doctors have opened 288 cities, more than 2,600 hospitals, more than 150,000 doctors, and more than 20,000 daily appointments.
The medical + Internet ecological alliance proposed by Baidu Medical will open up the gap between the industry and become an important link that will be closely linked to each other. The formation of the medical Internet ecosystem will build a more complete mobile Internet service system for users and build a new future of healthy, orderly, harmonious and win-win. Zhang Yaqin, president of Baidu, has summed up the future development of medical care as three Ps, namely, more personalized, more precise (Precise) and preventive (Preventive). The establishment of the alliance is bound to be the development. The vision plays a positive role.
In the future, Baidu will meet people's needs in a more intelligent way and build a fully open mobile Internet ecosystem. As an important business component of Baidu's future development, Baidu Medical is committed to working with many partners to create an Internet doctor-patient dual-selection platform, improve the matching efficiency and service experience of doctors and patients, realize the rational allocation of medical resources, and promote mutual benefit and win-win. (