Research report says China's healthcare industry market is "very promising"

2018/09/28 15:52
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A report released by the research institutes of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China showed that the development of the domestic medical and health industry market is "very promising" thanks to China's huge population and the aging society. According to a report released by CCID Consulting, a research institute directly under the China Electronics and Information Industry Development Research Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, from a global perspective, the medical and health industry is in a stage of rapid development. With the continuous improvement of China's economic level, the general public's emphasis on medical health has also increased, and China's medical and health industry has entered a period of rapid development.
The report pointed out that the continuous breakthrough in research and clinical applications in the field of life science has become a strong technical guarantee to support the development of the industry. The popularity of a new generation of information technology and Internet applications has brought new changes to the medical and health industry while improving medical standards and health management capabilities. In addition, China's continuous improvement of the basic medical security system and the continuous reform of the medical system, as well as the policy guidance and support of strategic emerging industries at all levels have created a favorable development environment for the medical and health industry. It is estimated that by 2020, the total size of China's medical and health industry will exceed 8 trillion yuan.
Since the 1990s, China's bio-pharmaceutical industry has maintained an average annual growth rate of 15%-30%, far higher than the global average annual growth rate, and entered the stage of large-scale industrialization development. The Chinese government has identified the bio-pharmaceutical industry as a strategic emerging industry with priority development. The strong support of governments at all levels and the active participation of domestic and foreign companies have formed the Beijing Zhongguancun Life Science Park, Shanghai Zhangjiang Medicine Valley and other R&D centers and Guangdong. Several industrial clusters such as Shandong, Zhejiang and Jiangsu have made the bio-pharmaceutical industry one of the most active and fastest-growing strategic emerging industries.
At the same time, the growing consumer demand has driven the development of China's medical device industry. The medical device industry has gradually become a relatively independent branch of the medical and health industry, with huge market potential. However, as for the domestic medical device enterprises as a whole, there are problems such as small scale of enterprises and low-end products in the industry, and there is still a big gap between them and global leading enterprises. In the future, high value-added products will be developed and localization of high-end medical equipment will be promoted. Will become the focus of domestic industry development.
As China's aging population continues to increase, the pension service industry will usher in new development space and investment opportunities. At present, China's aged care service industry is still in its infancy, and there are a series of problems such as insufficient supporting service facilities, inadequate service systems, inadequate concepts, and insufficient supply of funds. Drawing on successful models and experiences at home and abroad, we will accelerate the development of the aged care service industry and continuously meet the needs of the elderly for the elderly to continue to grow. It will help to protect and improve people's livelihood, promote social harmony, and promote sustained and healthy economic and social development.
The report pointed out that the era of "Internet +" has arrived. Medical e-commerce and mobile medical care have become the typical representatives of the combination of the Internet and the medical and health industry. They represent the future direction of industrial development, which is not only the focus of national policy support, but also the current capital market. Hot spot for investment. While providing convenient services to the public, medical e-commerce and mobile medical care have also brought new development opportunities to the traditional medical and health industry, and the market prospects are worth looking forward to.
CCID Consulting's Consumer Products Industry Research Center has completed the “Medical Health Industry Series Research” by conducting in-depth basic research and market research work, combined with a large amount of data and case analysis. The aim is to provide reference for the government, the transformation and upgrading of the park and the development of the enterprise development strategy, and provide valuable help for the government, enterprises and investment institutions to understand China's medical and health industry, grasp the development trend of the industry, and promote the development of the medical and health industry.
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