Tu Yu went to Sweden to lead the Nobel Prize this afternoon.

2018/09/28 17:24
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The reporter learned from the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine that at 13:50 today, the Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences Lifelong Researcher and Nobel Prize-winner, Tu Yu, took the CA911 flight to Sweden and will attend the Concert Hall in Stockholm, Sweden on December 10th. The 2015 Nobel Prize Awards Ceremony was held.
The French evening reporter (WeChat ID: fzwb_52165216) learned that the Tu Yu Researcher and the Nobel Prize delegation will arrive at Stockholm Arlanda Airport at 17:50 on December 4th, Sweden time. Urban Lendahl, Dean of the Karolinska Institute, Nicolas Weeks, the Nobel Prize Counselor, will meet at the airport and send the couple of researchers to the Stockholm Grand Hotel.
At the invitation of the Nobel Prize Committee, Tu Yu will give a keynote speech on "The discovery of artemisinin: a gift from traditional Chinese medicine to the world" on December 7th, local time, and attend the Nobel Prize award ceremony on the 10th. On October 5 this year, Tu Yu and two other foreign scientists won the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.
In addition, according to the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, the "Tu Yu Chuan" published by the People's Publishing House is about to be launched and will be issued from now on. It is understood that most of the book's stories about her life, growth, and love are disclosed for the first time.
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