If the slaughter does not win the Nobel Prize, will the state support Chinese medicine like this?

2018/09/28 23:17
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Li Keqiang, Premier of the State Council, presided over the State Council executive meeting on the 14th of this month. The meeting decided to further promote the development of Chinese medicine and give full play to the advantages of traditional medicine for the benefit of the people. Immediately afterwards, on the 15th, the official website of the Food and Drug Administration issued a message, the State Council issued the "Decision on the Cancellation of 13 Administrative Licensing Items of the State Council" (Guo Fa [2016] No. 10), stipulating the elimination of the quality management regulations for the production of Chinese herbal medicines ( GAP) certification.
It seems that for a time, the threshold for the entry of Chinese medicine has disappeared, the door has been opened, and the development of Chinese medicine will be in full swing, and will the facts really be as people imagine?
When it comes to Chinese medicine, the star in our hearts is no longer Li Shizhen, no longer Sun Sizhen, but a researcher who dares to take the test and take the medicine. With the discovery of artemisinin, a drug for the treatment of malaria, the company has saved millions of lives in the world, especially in developing countries, and made outstanding contributions. It has become the first natural science field in mainland China. Award-winning scientists, female scientists, scientists who have not gone abroad to speak English, scientists who have not received academicians, scientists who have not published 'SCI' papers, and Chinese medicine scientists.
In the face of the state's "strong support" for all aspects of Chinese medicine at this time, and the various "voices of voice" successively from the network public opinion, we should carefully and calmly review the history of the development of Chinese medicine in the end. What are the reasons for the sluggish development of the Chinese medicine industry? Will its development go abroad because of the Nobel Prize?
A brief look at the development of Chinese medicine in China:
Since the reform and opening up, China's traditional Chinese medicine industry has shown a trend of sustainable development. It has initially formed a certain scale of industrial system and has become a strategic industry with broad market prospects in China's national economic and social development. With the promulgation of China's Chinese herbal medicine production quality management practices (GAP), pharmaceutical management quality management practices (GSP), and pharmaceutical production quality management practices (GMP), the cultivation, management, processing, and production of traditional Chinese medicines have become law-abiding and Zhang Kexun's good situation has gradually established a Chinese herbal medicine cultivation base. The circulation order of Chinese medicine market has become more stable. Various fake and inferior Chinese medicine varieties have been gradually reduced, and storage management conditions have been greatly improved. The majority of Chinese medicine workers have entered the international market for Chinese patent medicines. Unremitting efforts have been made.
What are the difficulties in the development of China's traditional Chinese medicine industry?
Since the birth of the Nobel Prize, the Chinese medicine immediately entered the people's life with the image of "high and handsome". The state also took the opportunity to vigorously promote the development of Chinese medicine, and overall it is conducive to the development of Chinese medicine. of. But under the glamorous appearance, we have to thoroughly observe the real current situation of the Chinese medicine industry.
First of all, the low level of science and technology and the relatively slow development of Chinese medicine are the hard injuries in the development of Chinese medicine.
As a big Chinese medicine country, the speed of development cannot meet its own needs, and its coverage in the international market is even less than that of Japan and South Korea. The Chinese medicine industry still stays in the traditional industrial stage. The main export is raw material medicines and health medicines. There is still no uniform standard in planting, production, effective ingredient determination, toxicological efficacy testing, quality testing, packaging and storage, etc. And the development of safety evaluation, production process, quality standards, formulation technology, clinical research, etc., lags behind, does not meet the standards and requirements of the international pharmaceutical market.
Second, the intellectual property protection of Chinese medicine is not enough and its international competitiveness is not strong.
For a long time, the patent system and standard system for Chinese medicine have been established late, lacking the awareness of intellectual property protection in Chinese medicine, which has caused China's traditional Chinese medicine to be in a weak position for a long time in international trade, while other countries have established perfect protection mechanisms and implemented Patent standardization strategy. According to statistics, more than 900 kinds of Chinese medicines in China have been patented by foreign companies. According to the statistics of the World Patent Database, there are currently 10,943 applications for Chinese medicine patents, but only 0.3% of them are internationally applied for patents. Internationally, 170 companies and more than 40 research groups are looking for and developing new drugs from Chinese medicine and applying for patents. For example, Japan has developed a life-saving pill on the basis of the Chinese medicine Liushen Pill, with annual sales reaching hundreds of millions of dollars; South Korea has “reformed” Niuhuang Qingxin Liquid into a Niuhuang Qingxin Pill and submitted patent applications in several countries. The protection of intellectual property rights of traditional Chinese medicine lacks a complete set of professional institutions and specialized talents. The application status of Chinese medicine patents is not optimistic, the patent system is imperfect, and the scope of patent protection is narrow. In this respect, it should be learned from domestic chemical companies.
Third, the development of the Chinese medicine industry lacks overall planning and national policy support is insufficient.
The development of traditional Chinese medicine is inseparable from the overall planning of the state and the support of national policies. It carefully analyzes and integrates various resources in the existing development levels of resources, manpower, policies and Chinese medicine research. The government has formulated a national long-term development strategy plan for Chinese medicine, giving a certain degree of inclination to the policy, concentrating the overall strength of the industry, unifying thinking and understanding, and forming a joint effort to create a group of internationally competitive Chinese medicine brand products in actual production. The internationalization path of sustainable development.
The award of the Nobel Prize allows the country to re-examine the Chinese medicine
It must be said that the award of the Nobel Prize is like a strong shot, and the Chinese medicine industry, which has a somewhat awkward status, will be awakened to let the world see Chinese medicine again. The fact that artemisinin tells people that Chinese medicine needs to be developed and urgently needed to be developed! At present, there is a shortage of high-tech talents in Chinese medicine industry, and the salary of scientific research personnel is too low. It is difficult to let them fully participate in it. Here, we have to I sigh at the height of the ideological realm of the generation of researchers.
The Chinese medicine industry is not just a medicine, a decocting medicine, how to explore the individual role of all the ingredients in the traditional Chinese medicine and the role of each other, the workload is quite heavy. Compound Danshen Dripping Pills in the US FDA's siege can be said to be an important step in the Chinese medicine to go abroad. Its main components are Danshen, borneol and Sanqi. It has been listed in China for a long time. Further application for drug listing in the United States is not only the strategic deployment of its enterprises, but also the encouragement of China's traditional Chinese medicine industry. As a business secret, we can't see the relevant drug application materials of the Tasly Group. However, as far as the progress of the US FDA's approval is concerned, Tasly's research on the product is unquestionable. Without the top talents, cutting-edge technology and the strength of the company, it is difficult for Chinese medicine to show its advantages. It is even more difficult to get out of the country and be recognized by the world.
If Chinese medicine wants to truly go abroad and make it comparable to western medicine on a global scale, it is not a kind of promotion and encouragement at the moment. It requires the investment of real money and silver, and it is a long-term and sustained investment. Before the award of the researcher, the fact that everyone knows that the status quo of the Chinese medicine industry is not good, and even the masses' understanding of Chinese medicine is still in the "a pair of plasters". If the country does not take this opportunity to win the opportunity to promote the company to participate in the Chinese medicine industry, it is not easy to wait for the next better time. However, Xiao Bian suggested that the Chinese medicine industry should be extremely cautious in the face of favorable policies (not to regard the cancellation of the traditional Chinese medicine GAP as a state's simple decentralization, and to cancel it may be prepared for more stringent policies). Therefore, we should not speculate and dig pits for ourselves. In the future, we should learn from the "strict and strict punishment" of western medicine in the country today. The cause of Chinese medicine is still very long. Every step needs to be practical and true. Sad!
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