Qijian Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd Organization employees travel to the ecological farm

2018/09/28 23:48
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In order to let everyone relax and decompress, enhance communication between colleagues and enhance mutual friendship,  Qijian Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd organized a trip to the staff farm on July 31, 2015. Let us experience the rural style of the ecological farm.
The event was organized by  Administration Department. The company made detailed deployment work before the trip. From accommodation, catering, transportation to personnel statistics, itinerary arrangement, event notification, there is no detail, every detail reflects the company. The care of the leaders and the deep desire for the employees to have fun and play.
At 17:00 on the afternoon of July 31, employees of various departments gathered in the company's compound, counted the number of people, and got on the train in an orderly manner, embarked on our pleasant journey. During the journey, everyone was full of interest, and some couldn’t wait to photograph the beautiful scenery outside the window, and some of them talked about their homes. The one-hour drive soon ended in everyone's laughter and laughter, and we arrived at the eco-farm where we were thinking.
After arriving at the station, the administrative department distributed the room keys for everyone, and everyone entered the room happily. At 17:30, everyone gathered in the pavilion at the lotus pond to prepare for our dinner. During the preparation of the dinner, the employees have their own strengths, some cut vegetables, some wear string, some are responsible for the good food. Cooked well. Throughout the preparation process, the spirit of collaboration among employees has been fully reflected, and the intimacy between leaders and employees and employees in various departments has been increased. During the dinner, everyone’s interest was very high, and they talked to each other and confided their hearts. After the meal, free activities, some played poker; some sang songs, singing loudly, echoing in the air; some can't wait to go out to enjoy the unique style of the country night scene, look up, starlight, bow and suck , Ye Fang Qiongxiang.
After breakfast the next day, after a few free activities, everyone began to embark on the road to go home. The trip, relaxing and decompressing, not only enhanced the emotional exchange between the people, but also enhanced the cohesiveness of the company. At the same time, it also reflects the work style of leadership and caring for employees and work and rest.