Formulation Process Engineer/Assistant Engineer (Technology Transfer)

2018/09/29 08:14
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job requirements:
1. Understand the process characteristics of antibody products, the establishment of scale-down models, the study of amplification and key process parameters, and the pre-market compatibility studies to ensure the process scale and process stability under the equipment and transfer process.
2. Biochemical, biological and other related majors, familiar with protein preparations. Can have research experience or production experience.
3. Have strong cross-departmental collaboration and communication skills, and be practical.
Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the technology transfer and amplification of the company's product formulation process, including project formulation process characteristics research and process verification;
2. Preparation process amplification study and technology transfer;
3. Pilot production in the preclinical phase of the project;
4. Project preparation process verification;
5. Compatibility studies;
6. Formulation production technical support.
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