Product manager

2018/09/29 08:14
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Main job responsibilities:
1. Develop product marketing plans, organize and participate in academic activities of related products, including international, national, regional academic conferences and hospital department product promotion meetings.
2. Responsible for the company's knowledge of all varieties of products.
3. Product knowledge training for sales representatives and new employees.
4. Responsible for advertising and soft article release and effect evaluation of related products.
5. Establish and manage files at all levels, including VIP files, hospital files, doctor files, related society files, dealer files, agent files, and pharmacy files. Responsible for the screening, maintenance and construction of the expert (VIP) team.
6. Produce and monitor various promotional materials and gifts.
7. Collect and organize academic materials, similar product information and relevant regulatory policy information.
8. Cooperate with sales representatives to visit target customers, markets, hospitals and doctors, analyze the reasons for slow sales, adjust sales plans, and complete sales targets.
9. Handling daily affairs, including answering telephone calls, packaging materials design, advertising approvals, etc.