Preparation researcher

2018/09/29 08:16
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Job Responsibilities:
1. Under the guidance of the project leader, carry out research on the formulation of pharmaceutical preparations.
2. Complete the experiment clearly and completely, and complete the experimental record as required.
3. Responsible for the use and maintenance of relevant test equipment and facilities;
4. Use the instrument correctly according to the instrument and equipment SOP. Properly and accurately perform the formulation experiment in accordance with standard operating procedures.
Job Requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, pharmacy or related major;
2, 2 years of research and development of new drugs, familiar with common preparation techniques, skilled operation and maintenance of preparation equipment, can independently complete project planning, testing, experimental records and related work; (excellent undergraduate graduates can also consider);
3. Experience in preparation of preparations with multiple dosage forms is preferred;
4. Have certain independent thinking ability, test operation ability and problem analysis ability;
5, good at communication, quick thinking, strong understanding.
6. Have a rigorous scientific attitude, good team spirit and sense of responsibility;
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