Fermentation technician

2018/09/29 08:18
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job requirements:
1. Under 40 years old, male or bachelor degree or above in biology related major
2, 2 years of fermentation work experience; (new graduates are also available)
3. The English foundation is good.
4. Good communication skills and teamwork spirit;
5, good professional quality, honest and dedicated;
6, have a high sense of responsibility, able to withstand strong work pressure
description of job:
1. Responsible for the operation of the fermentation process;
2. Perform experiments according to the requirements of the supervisor;
3. Record the relevant records of the experiment in real and complete according to the company's quality management system;
4. Report the experiment process and results to the supervisor
5. Responsible for the daily use and maintenance of instruments and equipment;
other information
1. Working place: No. 813, Huoju Road, High-tech Zone, Changchun City
2, welfare benefits: five insurance and one gold
3, contact: Li Ning 88794098 advertising do not disturb)