October 2015 Qijian Biological Latest Recruitment Information

2018/09/29 08:30
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Demand department job demand number gender education professional experience
Financial Manager of the Finance Department 1 is not limited to more than five years of relevant work experience in accounting related majors or above.
International Business Department International Registration 1 Bachelor degree or above Biopharmaceutical, Pharmacy English Level 6 or above
International sales 1 Bachelor degree or above in English or international trade, experience in e-commerce and pharmaceutical companies is preferred
Product Manager 1 Bachelor degree or above in pharmacy or biopharmaceutical work experience
The technician of the development department has a limited ability to purify pharmacies, biopharmaceutical chemicals and biological products.
Thin layer experimenter 1 College degree or above pharmacy, biopharmaceutical 1, engaged in thin layer chromatography experimental analysis for more than 2 years experience
2. Familiar with thin layer activation, spotting, and development process analysis skills, with analytical ability
Laboratory assistant 1 Female undergraduate or above, majoring in bioengineering and molecular biology, familiar with molecular biology and biochemistry related experimental operations
Laboratory assistant 1 male or above, major in microbiology and bioengineering, familiar with basic knowledge of microbial culture, and experience in fermentation is preferred.
Head of Pharmaceutical Analysis and Research 1 Bachelor degree or above Pharmacy or Biopharmaceutical can independently complete related tasks such as project planning, testing, and experimental recording.
QCGMP Document Clerk 1 College of Pharmacy and related majors have experience in GMP certification of pharmaceutical companies, and have worked on quality department documentation.
Microbiology and Physicochemical Physician 2 Work experience in physical and chemical testing and microbiological testing in pharmacy and related majors
Instrument Analyst 2 College of Pharmacy and related majors have relevant experience in quality research, able to independently analyze test results to solve unexpected situations in the experimental process
Raw material medicine workshop fermentation technician 1 or above, major in molecular biology
Fermentation Technician 2 College or above major in bioengineering, pharmacy, and chemistry
Purification Technician 5 College or above major in bioengineering, pharmacy, and chemistry
Head of Power Engineering Workshop Equipment Department 1 College or above mechanical major or biopharmaceutical enterprise equipment supervisor relevant work experience More than 3 years can independently write relevant GMP documents of equipment department, organize and coordinate the company's public system and production equipment verification work
Contact: Ms. Li
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