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Military Parade on Sept. 3,2015 China Beijing

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Beijing on September 5 , xinhua reported "xinhua international client" on September 3, 2015, the eyes of the world converge at tiananmen square.Here, the first Chinese in the form of a military parade in China's Anti-Japanese War and the world's anti-fascism war.
The center for strategic and international studies, a senior researcher Scott Kennedy said the whole parade carefully good process design, and run smooth, demonstrates China's soft power.
In commemorative meeting, xi jinping, the chairman delivered an important speech, announced that China will cut its 300000.Overseas experts generally said that this shows that the Chinese government to maintain peace, cherish peace.Russian national higher economic research university, a professor in the school of orientalism alexei maslov said, China is a very peaceful country, not to use force to solve the dispute.

The victory of the Anti-Japanese War not only as a victory for the Chinese people, is also the victory of the cause of world peace, worthy of the people of the world forever.To this, South Korea's national institute of foreign court diplomatic security, says li zhi rong, a professor at the China held a military parade activity is very meaningful.To mark the 70th anniversary of the armistice not only to China, to participate in national and the international community has the same meaning, that is warning people, don't let such a war happening again.

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