December 2015 Qijian Biological Latest Recruitment Information

2018/09/29 08:31
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Demand department job arrival date demand person mathematics calendar professional experience
International Business Department International Registration 2015.12.311 Bachelor degree or above in biopharmaceutical or pharmaceutical English level 6 or above
International sales 2015.12.311 Bachelor degree or above in English or international trade, experience in e-commerce and pharmaceutical companies is preferred
Product Manager 2015.12.311 Bachelor degree or above in pharmacy and biopharmaceutical work experience over three years
Development of drug registration 2015.12.311 Bachelor degree or above in pharmacy and related majors, bachelor degree or above; more than 2 years relevant work experience familiar with CTD application data format, drug registration regulations and registration process; understand drug-related management laws and regulations; Ability to work on new drugs, supplements or re-registration materials;
Raw material medicine workshop fermentation technician 2015.12.315 College degree or above related to bioengineering, pharmacy, and chemical related majors is preferred
Purification technician 2015.12.315 college or above major in bioengineering, pharmacy, chemistry
Freeze-dried supervisor with more than 5 years of work experience in bioengineering, pharmacy, and chemistry related majors in 2015.12.311
Head of Power Engineering Workshop Equipment Department 2015.12.311 College or above mechanical major or biopharmaceutical enterprise equipment supervisor relevant work experience More than 3 years can independently write relevant GMP documents of equipment department, organize and coordinate the company's public system and production equipment verification work
Contact: Ms. Li
Contact number: 0431-85551002